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What does “serial production” mean? Can I still implement individual wishes?

RivieraPools are serial products. From an extensive range of sizes, colours, staircases, handrails, and functional technical equipment such as countercurrent systems, massage nozzles or roller shutter covers, you can create your own individual pool. Our mosaic pool, developed at the end of 2015, even allows an individual surface design with mosaic, ceramics or natural stone. Therefore, the entire pool complex can easily be planned and calculated in advance. As the entire pool is transported in one piece and delivered already pre-assembled, the installation times are very short. Series production also helps us continuously develop our range because the experience gained from thousands of pools sold and more than four decades of development work flows into the further development of our models. 

For those who would like to have their form, colour, and equipment individually designed, a RivieraIndividual pool is the right thing for them. Here we plan and build your pool based on your concrete ideas. Each pool will be unique, but with the experience of thousands of series pools.