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What options do I have for pool renovation?

If your pool has already been around for decades and perhaps no longer meets your visual expectations or has damaged parts, there are several ways to modernise your pool. To freshen up the pool's surface, the top layer can be removed, and the underlying layer can be polished - then the pool looks brand new again.  If the surface is really damaged by external influences, a completely new surface can also be applied. The existing surface is sanded down, damage repaired and smoothed.  Subsequently, a new GRP base material is processed and sealed with a layer of paint by spraying. If the basin shows discolouration at the water level, a glass border can discreetly but effectively conceal the transitions. Furthermore, a so-called Ecofinish can also be flamed onto the pool surface as a liquid plastic. This is a plastic coating that has been specifically developed for the renovation of swimming pool surfaces and gives the pool a new appearance. The replacement of accessories with shiny stainless steel screens, handrails, and modern staircases makes a pool look much better. Using energy-saving LED lighting, modernises the pool’s look and energy use. A new pool cover helps efficiently isolate your pool and heats the bathing water. If you would like individual advice on this subject, please contact our expert on pool renovations, Mr Karl-Heinz Niehoff (, directly.