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Pool maintenance

Which equipment help with pool maintenance?

Nets and brushes are quick helpers for removing coarse dirt from the bathing water and pool walls. If floating leaves or a kid’s chocolate bar have fallen into the water, a net within reach is highly recommended. A brush is used to remove coarse dirt from the pool walls. The smoother the pool surface (prefabricated pools with a smooth acrylic surface are ideal), the easier it is to remove suspended matter - no further care products are needed.


Sand and small stones lying on the bottom of the pool are usually impossible to grab with a landing net. This is where floor vacuum cleaner brushes can be used, which are guided precisely onto the soiling and vacuum up the dirt. Specialised dealers offer various systems, including semi-automatic vacuum cleaners, that are guided to the floor with a telescopic rod. The vacuum pool cleaner can be connected to the filter system via a hose to remove dirt automatically.

A pool robot, on the other hand, moves automatically and autonomously over the pool floor and walls, preventing dirt from settling on the floor in the long term. Pool robots are available in various designs. They can be powered by rechargeable batteries, connected to the mains or even run without power via the suction power of the filter system. Some models collect the dirt directly in a bag or discharge it via the skimmer using a floating hose.