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Why are RivieraPools made of epoxy acrylate?

Fibreglass-reinforced plastic is a modern high-performance material currently used in aircraft and shipbuilding, wind turbines and motorcycle helmets. This composite material offers the advantage of combining the extreme strength of fibreglass with the chemical resistance of epoxy acrylate. The material is particularly suitable for swimming pool construction because the one-piece pools are waterproof, extremely weather-resistant and insensitive to frost and heat. Dirt hardly has a chance on the smooth surface - which is why RivieraPools are particularly easy to clean. It is particularly important that fibreglass-reinforced plastics are processed as a viscous material on moulded parts. This means that fixtures for technical parts can be moulded, for example, troughs for floor drains, massage nozzles, technical shafts, support edges for roller shutters and stairs. The basin body can be produced as a sandwich construction, which gives it extreme stability on the one hand and very good thermal insulation on the other.

The RivieraPool prefabricated pool bodies consist of seven layers of material - each layer has a very specific function at its place, in combination, they are responsible for the unique properties of the pool: colourfast, low-maintenance, skin-friendly, long-term resistance to osmosis and bleaching, energy-saving and stable.