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Pool or swimming pond? What makes the difference?

When deciding on a pool or a swimming pond, there are several aspects to consider, as both differ in terms of maintenance and equipment. With a swimming pond, no chemicals are used. Instead, the water is treated purely biologically using a regeneration zone of plants, gravel, and microorganisms. Due to this zone, the natural pool requires more space than a swimming pool - only about two-thirds of the swimming pond is suitable for bathing. The natural water area is a good option for allergy sufferers and nature lovers. Admittedly, the water in a swimming pond cannot be kept as warm as in a pool. And manual labour is required for a swimming pond. Once a year, the water has to be removed, the plants in the shore area have to be cut back, and the entire pond has to be cleaned. You cannot always count on a shutter cover. The swim section can only be covered if the shape and type of the planting zone is suitable.  

This is where the classic swimming pool has its strengths because the water is filtered through an automatic sand filter system controlled by a timer keeping the water clean and perfectly clear. This system is usually cleaned automatically once a month. Even the water values, such as pH value and disinfectant content, can be measured and controlled automatically. Such measuring and control technology is regularly maintained by customer service. The floor and walls are kept clean with an automatic cleaning robot. What else needs doing? Only the occasional cleaning of the water line or individual areas of the stairs, if necessary.

Naturally, swimming ponds and swimming pools differ considerably in their equipment. Massage jets and countercurrent systems can be installed in the pool. The water can be heated as desired, and an automatic cover ensures child safety as well as thermal insulation.

For those not wanting to miss out on massages or natural water, the D-Line from RivieraPool operated as a natural pool offers a true alternative. A regeneration area with biofilter and plants is installed and separated from the swimming pool. Unlike conventional swimming ponds, this natural pool remains free of aquatic plants and animals. As a natural pool, the D-Line pool can be equipped with all the comforts of a RivieraPool. Only the pool’s heating is limited, and it can only be installed for a few cases for constant water heating.

Moreover, these natural pools can be expected to have a slight biofilm on the surface. A slight green accent adheres to the surface testifying to the biological operation. However, it can easily be removed from time to time.