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Minipools - Compact and creative

Neither a swimming pool nor a whirlpool... simply a CSIDE pool.

CSIDE pools are neither whirlpools nor swimming pools, and yet they unite elements of both. Like the large prefabricated pools from RivieraPool, CSIDE pools are made of epoxy acrylate and include optional whirlpool and massage functions. Due to their compact size, they are particularly designed for terraces, small gardens, or even roof terraces: as an AquaLounge for floating and relaxing, as a design element that brings the radiance of shallow water into gardens or as a water playground for children.

Compact garden pools

Living by the water. A home in the garden.


Granicite stone grey

The colour Granicite Stone Grey delivers an impressive look of real, natural stone. When paired with natural stone paving around the pool, the results are stunning. Creating the illusion that the entire pool is built from one single piece of natural stone, the Granicite Stone Grey pool looks bright and fresh in the sun and creates bold, blue water. The natural Granicite Stone Grey colour will retain its vibrancy throughout the years.


A chic, classic, and easy to maintain colour, Papyrus allows the crisp, clean lines and elegant design of your pool shine while the colour effortlessly blends in with the scenery. Transforming the colour of the water into a radiant blue, Papyrus compliments almost any natural background or landscaping, and is the ideal companion for your backyard water garden.

Glass mosaic

Each pool is unique

Mosaic designs are among the most in-demand and highly sought-after design features in pools today. This tremendously durable and endlessly beautiful swimming pool surface helps bring a higher level of sophistication to your backyard oasis.  Capable of changing the tone and hue of the water depending on which angle you view it from or the lighting surrounding the pool, glass mosaic tile is available in a wide variety of colours, tones, and textures to deliver a unique and brilliant sense of style to your backyard oasis of wellbeing and serenity.