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How can I supply my pool with thermal energy and what do the different options cost?

The supply of energy for the pool happens primarily through the pool cover. It is available as a so-called solar cover, i.e. the cover slats are transparent at the top, black at the bottom and transmit the solar heat to the water while the pool is closed. The water is warmed up for free, depending on the solar radiation, up to three free degrees daily! At the same time, the cover ensures that the heat gained remains in the water. If we assume the average solar radiation of Central Germany, a 4x8 metre pool can be supplied with approximately 5,000 kWh of energy in this way.

Secondly, there is the requirement for heat pumps that draw energy from the surrounding air and conduct it into the pool. A heat pump is operated with electricity and can produce up to 5 kWh of heat per kWh of electricity consumption - its heat gain is therefore considerably higher than its electricity consumption. Thus, heat pumps are particularly energy-efficient.

The pool can also be connected to the house heating system. In this case, the pool would be heated with gas or oil, which causes even lower energy costs than the heat pump. However, access to the heating system is usually only possible in new buildings.