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Pool maintenance

What maintenance does a pool need during the swimming season?

To keep the pool water fresh and clear, you should take around an hour a week to maintain the pool. Apart from the mechanical cleaning of the pool, you should also check the water quality and keep it balanced with additives. In detail, this means that it is best to fish coarse dirt and leaves out of the pool manually every day with a landing net. A range of equipment is available to help you with pool maintenance, including telescopic wipers, brushes, or vacuum cleaners that remove dirt from the pool walls and floor. There are also pool robots workingfully automatically to save time. Mechanical water purification is performed by the integrated filter systems, which automatically sucks in contaminated water, filters it, and flushes clean water back into the pool. Our specialist companies adjust the filter system to circulate the water completely three times a day, i.e. to run for six to ten hours a day. The pool water thus already receives an optimal basic cleaning. To ensure that the filter system works properly, it should be cleaned once a week by backwashing, which - depending on the filter system - can be done manually or automatically.

Most manual work is done with the mechanical cleaning of the pool and water. The water quality should be checked once a week by measuring the pH value and checking the disinfectant content. The pH value should lie between 7.2 and 7.4 because the disinfectant only works effectively in this pH range - you achieve maximum germ-killing with a minimum of disinfectant. There are several possibilities for disinfection. The most common form is the addition of chlorine. Chlorine is inexpensive, easy to handle, and can’t be beaten for killing germs. In addition, there is also the addition of so-called active oxygen. This variant is chlorine-free, less powerful, and suitable for allergy sufferers. Using ozone for disinfection is only found in public areas since its process technology is very complex. Those who prefer a natural form of water treatment instead of a chemical additive are advised to use biofiltration in a natural pool.