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The colours

Take a look at the effect of the water with different surface colours. Sand, for example, mixes with the blue of the water to become turquoise. Or Granicite, the natural, granite-like surface of RivieraPool. It is given its character by irregularities in the speckling. Ideal with modern natural stone slabs. The effect is amazing: the pool appears to be made of stone and creates perfect transitions to the curbstone.

Granicite stone grey

The pool colour granicite stone grey delivers an impressive look and feel of real, natural stone. When paired with natural stone paving around the pool, the results are stunning. Creating the illusion that the entire pool is built from one single piece of natural stone, the granicite stone grey pool looks bright and fresh in the sun and creates bold, blue water. Even if dark colours that lose their intensity and tone over time, the natural granicite stone grey colour will retain its vibrancy throughout the years.

Silver grey

The pool colour silver grey offers convenience, elegance, and beauty all in one. With water shining brightly at all depths against this subtle colour, it provides a classic, clean appearance. The silver grey pool offers a modern yet timeless look that is sure to please. Creating a bright, brilliant blue hue to the water, this confident yet reserved colour is suitable for any environment, occasion, or size.


On a white surface, water becomes a beautiful pale blue that glistens in the sun. Polished stainless steel accessories deliver style, contrast, and elegance to the pool. White gives a bright, fresh look that is both classic and modern. The white colour gives the pool a distinct maritime style and is ideal as well for indoor pools. In the evening, the white basin provides the ultimate backdrop for an exceptional ambiance.


A chic, classic, and easy to maintain pool colour. Papyrus allows the crisp, clean lines and elegant design of your pool to shine while the colour effortlessly blends in with the scenery. Transforming the colour of the water into a radiant blue, but not as bold as the white basin, papyrus compliments almost any natural background or landscaping, and is the ideal companion for your backyard water garden. Due to its versatility and natural appearance, papyrus is highly recommended for outdoor use.


There is nothing more relaxing than spending some quiet moments along the soft beaches and warm sand, and with our sand-coloured pool, we help transform your backyard swimming and water lounge area into your own little piece of paradise. Creating a vibrant and rich turquoise colour in the water, our sand colour will drive up the tropical vibes while still providing a magnificent backdrop for your swimming pool.

Sea blue

A delicately subtle, monochromatic moment – our sea blue colour gives your pool a deep, lush, rich appearance that is both classic and easy to maintain. With stainless-steel built-in accessories and handrails, this timeless and classy colour combination is absolute perfection for anyone who adores the look of a strong, light blue hue. The luxurious look of our sea blue basin is simply divine.