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Design, Quality, Functionality

Enthusiasm for pools has been the driving force behind our family-owned company since 45 years. Our experience and innovative strength result in comfort, stylish design and sophisticated technology. The RivieraPool® brand represents the aesthetics of the entire pool landscape, because we advise our customers comprehensively from pool planning to installation. 


All RivieraPool products are characterised by clear lines, clear structures, and many design details. Without disruptive technical elements, our products are always the focus and give a lot of freedom for individual integration into your planning, whether for building projects or your own private wellness oasis.

Various extensions make your pool more than just a basin full of water. An infinity channel provides a wide panoramic view, a WetLounge creates a seating and lounging area for your outdoor furniture, unique light and colour reflections through the use of glass mosaic, everything that makes your pool the highlight of the garden ...


Since 1964 we have only used the highest quality materials for our products. Through decades of experience paired with consistent quality management, we ensure that you receive a product that gives you many years of pleasure. We have the highest quality standards - we grant extensive guarantee commitments.


When you purchase an automobile, you expect the manufacturer to have taken the time to explore every aspect of safety, low operating costs, longevity and driving pleasure. After all, it is a product that has been perfected and laboured over to create a universally loved experience that everyone can agree on. This is exactly what you can expect from your RivieraPool.

We have the years of experience and organisational commitment to deliver a swimming pool that features stylish design, robust construction, superior quality, outstanding functionality,

and unsurpassed beauty that will endure for decades. Manufactured in the factory, installed in your garden and ready to use in a few days.