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What equipment is right for which bathing period?

In general, we distinguish between three different periods of use.

The 6-month period from the beginning of May to the end of October.
For use in this 6-month period, we recommend a pool with wall and floor insulation and solar cover. Depending on the location of the pool and daily opening hours, an average water temperature of between 26 and 37° C can be expected - without having to pay separate energy costs.

The 9-month period from the beginning of March to the end of November.
If you want to operate your pool economically during this period, you should choose a backfill with insulating, lightweight concrete and also use it to insulate your piping system. In addition, a heat pump or a connection to a house heating system is necessary so that enough energy can be supplied to the pool. Solar power will be insufficient in this period.

Year-round use over 12 months
Here the equipment is a must as in the 9-month period. A “year-round heat pump” is necessary, which still has sufficient heat output even at minus temperatures. In addition to the roller shutter cover, a sliding hall or protective roller cover is recommended, which builds up an insulating air cushion on its bottom up to the roller cover. If you want to save heat pump electricity costs, there is the possibility of a photovoltaic installation on the house roof.