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What are the benefits of a counter-current system? Can I regulate it?

A counter-current system can be used for swimming training since it enables permanent swimming on the spot. There are countercurrent systems with one or two nozzles - whereby the double-jet systems form a wider jet that hits the shoulder area on the left and right. This makes the float more stable in the stream and easier to hold. The performance of the countercurrent system can be regulated by feeding air into the water jet. The more air added, the more voluminous and powerful the jet becomes. Some systems also regulate the pump output. Such technology makes sense if only a length of approximately three metres is available for swimming. In all other pools, the jet strength is regulated solely by the distance between the float and the nozzle. Close to the nozzle, the jet is strongest - the further the float moves away from the nozzle, the weaker the jet becomes. In training, this fact is used by alternately swimming closer in front of the nozzle and thus more powerfully, or allowing yourself to be driven back and making less powerful intervals. 

Countercurrent systems should not necessarily be used for massage purposes because their jet power is too strong.