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Is it possible to get a RivieraPool with a tiled surface?

Yes, generally a RivieraPool swimming pool can be covered with glass mosaic. It is important to have straight surfaces and angled corners for an optimal mosaic design. This ensures straight joint cuts and avoids fragmentation. This is why RivieraPool has developed the M-Line pool series. The special advantage here is that the mosaic is applied to the pool construction with epoxy resin adhesive. The joint is also made of epoxy resin. As the pool itself is made of epoxy acrylate, a homogeneous material structure results from the surface to the last layer of material, which is inseparably bonded and yet remains highly elastic. It is precisely this configuration that makes it possible to install the mosaics in the factory, transport the finished pool over many kilometres, and then use a crane to lift it into a construction pit. No other material would allow this. From 2015 to mid-2016, a test basin was used for demonstration purposes for specialist dealers by driving over 15,000 km on a low-bed trailer over European roads, after which it was assessed as “free of damage” and in perfect condition. At the Aquanale 2016, the aforementioned MLine basin was also exhibited before continuing its “journey”.