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Which fitness stations can I integrate into my pool?

With aqua fitness you can work on your fitness, heart and circulation and strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system - five times more effectively than on land. The water resistance against which you compete, jog and jump in the exercises is 900 times greater than in the air. RivieraPool has developed an 8-phase fitness model with stretching and strengthening exercises for different parts of the body and relaxation through muscle massage, which you can implement on poles, grips and counter-current systems in the basin.

The optimum equipment for your pool in terms of swimming, fitness and relaxation is provided by the Fun & Function package.The counter-current system allows you to swim vigorously on one spot. A shallow water zone offers space to relax in the sun. The massage package with spot-radiating back massage jets, a water jet for the shoulder and neck area and a master jet nozzle for a voluminous flood of water enables both powerful and gentle massages. You can perform the stretching and strengthening exercises from our 8-phase fitness model on handrails, handles and armrests.