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Are the pools guaranteed to be waterproof? What about osmosis?

Epoxy acrylate is poured onto a moulded part as a viscous material. This creates a homogeneous and non-porous material structure that is 100 percent waterproof. All built-in parts are specially designed for use in RivieraPools. weThis means that flanges and their gaskets are located on the smooth inside of the pool and are therefore permanently sealed. Therefore, leaks in this construction can be ruled out. Only the connection to the built-in parts can become leaky if the basin is not optimally founded on a concrete base or firmly anchored in the ground.

"Osmosis" means the invasion of moisture in plastics due to "osmotic pressure". This means that the dry plastic material, especially possibly exposed laminate fibre, wants to absorb moisture from the water. This is what every plastic does and is taken into account when designing the material structure. It is essential that the moisture must not react with the material. This is where the chemical resistance of epoxy acrylate comes into play. It encloses the fibres, guarantees a homogeneous integration of the fibres and does not permit a reaction in the form of acid formation within the laminate. Additionally, the properties of the glass fibre are matched to the epoxy acrylate so that the fibre cannot absorb any moisture after the processing. A long curing phase, the so-called “tempering”, takes place in a heating chamber for hours and causes the material layers to polymerise completely. This is a big difference to other thermoplastic materials, as they are softer and release plasticisers throughout their entire service life. Epoxy acrylate belongs to the thermosets, which are fully cured, individually tested for “Barcole hardness”, and “end stable” with the desired flexibility so that they cannot break like a glass body. This provides the unique values needed for a prefabricated pool. Few manufacturers have mastered this process. That’s why we at RivieraPool speak of “investment security” since you only build this type of pool once. The choice of construction and material must not be a compromise.