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Pool maintenance

How do I winter my pool?

Prefabricated pools from RivieraPool can be overwintered when filled. In short, mild winters, the filter operation can continue (active overwintering), in which case further work for wintering and commissioning in spring is no longer necessary. Whether the basin needs to be completely shut down (passive overwintering) depends on how pipelines and filter systems are positioned and how sensitive they are to frost. In any case, seek advice from the swimming pool specialist who installed your pool, as he knows how to assess your situation. If the pool is switched off completely, there are some preparatory measures necessary for wintering, such as backwashing and emptying the filter systems, emptying the pipes, as well as securing the spotlights and access ladders against frost. Add a wintering agent to the pool water to prevent the formation of algae and lime deposits. Depending on the model, make sure to close the roller shutter cover as well. At the end of the pool season you should plan about one day for the wintering work. Alternatively, you may of course outsource the wintering work to your swimming pool specialist.